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    We bring our expertise in complex payment disputes to the consumer’s side.

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    Cardholders Have Rights

    Visa,® Mastercard® and all other card companies provide consumers with the right to dispute charges. We will explain to you what they are and how to make use of them so that you have the best possible chance of getting your money back.

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    We'll Tell You the Truth Upfront

    If your case does not meet the criteria for a chargeback, we’ll tell you up-front. And if there is a more appropriate or affordable solution available, we’ll tell you what it is beforehand.

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    Quick Processing

    Credit card companies impose strict deadlines for submitting chargeback requests. But they cab depend on a number of factors. We know what they are  and will make sure that you won’t miss them. 

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    What if the Merchant Disagrees?

    The merchant may very well object to your chargeback in a written response called a representment. That’s why it’s vital right from the start to proceed with the most appropriate chargeback strategy.

    Driving the Trends in Consumer Advocacy

    Disputes involving authorised transactions are complex. Every year, many of the institutions that govern your rights to dispute change their policies.
    MyChargeBack clients gain from our team’s knowledge and expertise to fight for the best possible outcome.

    Our Services

    We have made it our business to assist consumers recover their money.

    Step-by-Step Assistance

    Receive Chargeback Assistance from Our Team!

    State-of-the-Art Technology

    Cryptocurrency Transaction Forensics

    Mediation with Merchants

    Authorised Transactions vs Clear Violations of T&Cs

    Business Intelligence

    Merchant Evaluations & Corporate Investigations

    MyChargeBack  International Offices

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    New York

    MyChargeBack has had a local presence in New York, the world’s financial hub, since it was founded in 2016. Working from Manhattan, our professionals reach out to the public around the globe.

    London Office

    is licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to provide claims management services from its London office.


    MyChargeBack coordinates its continental European operations and business development at its Copenhagen office.



    Clients in the Republic of South Africa are serviced by our MyChargeBack country manager, based in Pretoria. 

    Tel Aviv

    Situated halfway between Hawaii in the west and New Zealand in the east, Tel Aviv’s location enables the MyChargeBack recovery team to speak with clients and banks in every time zone on the same day. 

    Are you eligible for a chargeback?

    The chargeback guidelines issued by credit card companies are roughly a thousand pages long. Not every chargeback professional is familiar with them. We are. We know them like the backs of our hands. Ask us if your case meets the requirements. 

    Next Level Concierge Services

    Strategic Fund Recovery Consultation We Are All In

    Credit Card Dispute Strategy

    Our strategies and expertise combine to make them care! Credit card disputes are serious and credit card chargebacks warrant professional advice.

    The Leader in Credit Card Consumer Advocacy

    MyChargeBack's Expertise

    MyChargeBack is staffed by professionals with extensive financial, legal and regulatory backgrounds and dozens of years of experience. We have made it our business to assist consumers with complex credit card and debit card dispute resolution issues.

    If you have been unsuccessful in receiving a refund from a merchant, including online investment schemes that you suspect were not actually provided, we invite you to contact us to learn more about MyChargeBack fund recovery services.

    MyChargeBack has the experience to ensure that your claim is submitted properly. And we will guide you each step of the way.

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    Strategy Built on Experience

    Complex credit card and debit card disputes can be quite challenging so it's advantageous to get professional advice. This is because Visa and Mastercard rules and regulations use specific dispute resolution codes that should be referenced, along with the specific supporting evidence, when presenting the case to the bank. Customer service agents at banks, therefore, must be convinced that you have complied with the requirements as determined by this specific code before they can process and approve your request. 

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