Bank Wire Intelligence Report (BWIR)

When you lose money through a bank transaction, there is something you can do. Seek assistance from our experts at Fund Recovery UK. We can look past the fake identities and find out who really has your money through our specialised intelligence methods.

We Get Past the Obstacles to Locate Your Funds

It may seem relatively easy to find out who has your money after you make a bank wire transaction. After all, you need to provide thorough information before you make the transfer, including the name of the account, address, and account number. 

However, when it comes to financial fraud, things are never the way they appear. These fraudsters use multiple identities, and locations and are not shy about falsifying information. You may think you know who you are dealing with, but if you look more deeply, you will find that the broker or merchant is merely an imposter. 

So what can be done? MyChargeBack UK has the expertise and advanced tools to launch a full investigation into a suspicious bank wire transfer. Our Bank Wire Intelligence Reports unmask the identities of fraudulent parties and give you the information you need to approach authorities. 

What Is a Bank Wire Intelligence Report? 

What can you find in our Bank Wire Intelligence Reports?

  • Summary
  • Warnings from Regulators
  • Wire Confirmation
  • Corporate Structure
  • Confirmation that Beneficiaries and Merchants Are Not Regulated
  • Persons of Interest
  • Company Registration Extracts

The Summary gives a brief account of the entire situation and a description of our findings. We present Warnings from Regulators to validate the fact that the other party is suspicious and has been the target of multiple complaints. The report shows a Confirmation that the transaction was completed and the other party received the money. 

The Corporate Structure section describes all the available information about the company and additional details we have found. We also provide Proof that the Entity is Not Regulated and present information about Persons of Interest involved with the suspected fraud. The Bank Wire Intelligence Report concludes with public information in the Company Registration Extracts section. 

How our Bank Wire Intelligence Report Will Bolster Your Claim

Many consumers file complaints and claims against brokers, merchants, and other entities. However, without evidence, it is difficult for authorities to pursue these claims, especially if they aren’t sure who the actual culprits are, because of fake identities.

Our Bank Wire Intelligence Reports give you the tools you need to bolster your claim and aid authorities in their official investigation to find your funds.

Get Started Tracking Down Your Stolen Funds with MyChargeBack Professionals Today

MyChargeBack experts have extensive knowledge, proven methods, and cutting-edge applications, software, and databases. We understand the dynamics of the crypto tracking process and have a working relationship with law enforcement agencies and regulators. We will empower you to get results from your claim. 

Locate Your Funds Today with MyChargeBack UK

If you have lost money in a suspicious bank wire transfer or if your bitcoin wallet has been hacked, we will launch an expert investigation into the matter. Our intelligence reports will track down your funds and assist law enforcement in taking action against financial fraud. 

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