Crypto Investigation Process

What Is Crypto Investigation?

Although you may have lost your cryptocurrency to an anonymous bitcoin wallet, there is good news–bitcoin is traceable. 

Even though there are no names or addresses on a bitcoin wallet, they are associated with codes that can be analyzed with crypto trace technology and can yield patterns and data that help crypto experts unmask these crypto wallets.

Launching a crypto investigation involves the following:

  • Case assessment
  • Application of crypto trace software
  • Bitcoin forensics methods
  • Presentation of the investigative report

Case Assessment

After the client gives initial information, including a timeline of the incident and documentation, our experts analyse the case and determine the best strategies for tracking down bitcoin transactions. 

Application of Crypto Trace Software

We use a variety of crypto trace software and applications, including coin tracking technology and blockchain analytics solutions to discover transaction patterns that may identify the owner of an anonymous bitcoin wallet. 

Bitcoin Forensics Methods

Combining human ingenuity with advanced technology, we analyse transactions and discover clues and patterns that can uncover the activities of cybercriminals. 

Presentation of Intelligence Report

Following the crypto investigation, we give our clients an investigative report which details the history of the case, a timeline, graphic representations of our crypto trace process, and a description of our findings, including identities and locations of suspects.

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