Crypto Investigation

Crypto Investigation

Cryptocurrencies are a major trend and have been referred to as the future of money. However, to many, the blockchain can seem like a wilderness where it can be difficult to know how to retrieve your funds if something goes wrong with a bitcoin transaction. 

Although all transactions on the blockchain are visible and public, users are given only codes instead of names and addresses. So is bitcoin anonymous? Yes, in the sense that there are no proper names on bitcoin wallets. However, these transactions are not entirely anonymous in the sense they are assigned codes that can be traced to wallets and specific owners. 

A code can be an important starting point for crypto investigation professionals and can be enough information for blockchain experts to uncover actual identities.

What Is a Crypto Investigation

You may be able to pinpoint a specific transaction on the blockchain, but it takes crypto exports to go further and launch a crypto investigation that will yield data about the owner of anonymous bitcoin wallets. MyChargeBack-UK is comprised of premiere crypto investigation specialists who offer:

  • Crypto forensics investigators 
  • Coin tracking software and apps
  • Blockchain analytics
  • Investigation reports that can be presented to crypto exchanges and law enforcement

Steps to Crypto Investigation

To launch a crypto investigation of your claim, it is vital to first familiarize yourself with the crypto investigation process:

  • Initial consultation
  • Case analysis
  • Application of crypto trace technology
  • Bitcoin forensic investigation
  • Investigation report

Initial Consultation

The client provides a detailed description of their case, including documentation and screenshots of blockchain transactions. 

Case Analysis

Our experts analyse the case, determine the likelihood of success and map a strategy for approaching the claim. 

Technical Crypto Trace Tracking

Cointracking technology and block explorers analyse transactions and establish patterns that provide clues identifying the anonymous bitcoin wallet owner. We use the following solutions:

  • First-Rate data attribution
  • Crypto transaction analytics
  • Clustering algorithms
  • Tracking of multiple cryptocurrencies

Crypto Investigation

Our approach combines best-in-class coin tracking technology, crypto trace forensic methods, and proprietary databases to analyse bitcoin transaction clusters and discover the identities of wallet holders. 

Investigative Report

Following the crypto investigation, we will create an investigative report that describes the entire case, crypto trace process, and conclusions, including the suspected identities of those who hold the client’s money. These reports can be presented to law enforcement and crypto exchanges so they can take action against the suspected fraud.

Don’t give up or go it alone but contact MyChargeBack-UK and get started on the way to tracking down your cryptocurrency. 

If you have lost money to a cryptocurrency scheme, seek fund recovery assistance right away. Consult with MyChargeBack-UK experts and get started with your fund recovery claim. We have extensive working knowledge and relationship with regulators as well as the dynamics of crypto recovery and can improve our prospects of getting your money back.

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