Crypto Investigation Report

A crypto investigation reports give clients the information they need to approach law enforcement and crypto exchanges. They may identify the holders of bitcoin wallets involved in crypto fraud. The process that allows us to create these reports involves several steps:

  • Tracking bitcoin transactions–crypto trace technology reveals the path of the client’s money from the initial transaction to additional wallets
  • Reveal clues and unmask identities of bitcoin wallet holdersalgorithms and crypto analytics show intermediate transactions and provide essential information and can show patterns and potential leads. 
  • Present the investigation report–these reports are vital tools for a successful claim and can give authorities and platforms the information they need to take action. 

What Does an Investigation Report Include? 

Every investigation report we create for clients includes the following: 

  • Strategic road map
  • Documents to present to law enforcement and crypto exchanges
  • Graphic representations of the path of funds through the blockchain
  • Vital data about suspected culprits
  • Actionable conclusions from the crypto investigation

An investigation report is essential to get law enforcement and crypto exchanges on your side. These reports have more than sufficient information to assist authorities in launching an official investigation and encouraging platforms to freeze suspected funds.

How We Create an Investigation Report

The crypto investigation begins with an initial consultation and data analysis and ends with the presentation of the report. Our approach is unique because it includes: 

  • Advanced coin tracking technology
  • Blockchain analytics and algorithms
  • A proprietary database collected from thousands of cases
  • Specialized bitcoin forensics methods. 

With advanced tools and peerless crypto expertise, we create investigation reports that validate clients’ claims and give authorities essential evidence to take action against suspected frauds.

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