MyChargeBack UK puts consumer rights is at the forefront of our mission.  Contact us if:

MyChargeBack UK offers claims management services regulated and authorised by the FCA and also investigative products designed to assist consumers with potential disputes.

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    Raising a Dispute with Your Bank

    A chargeback request may be filed only once per transaction. You don’t have a second chance. MyChargeBack UK will make sure that yours is submitted correctly right from the start.

    Regulated by the FCA

    Our Mission

    We bring our expertise in complex payment disputes to the consumer’s side.

    Cryptocurrency Investigations

    MyChargeBack UK utilises advanced forensic technologies to trace the path your coin took through the blockchain from its point of origin to the wallet that ultimately received it before ot was cased out. Law enforcement authorities will require this information at a minimum before assisting you. 

    Not regulated by the FCA

    It's in the Details

    Presenting evidence the right way will determine the outcome of the case!

    Intelligence Reports

    Are you considering signing with an investment firm or brokerage, entering into a business partnership, or seeking the whereabouts of a merchant who has ceased communicating with you or simply disappeared? MyChargeBack UK can help you find this information.

    Not regulated by the FCA

    Why Choose MyChargeBack's Claims Management Services

    Industry Thought Leaders

    MyChargeBack frequently contributes to leading financial publications about chargebacks and cryptocurrencies

    Experienced Consumer Chargeback Consultant

    MyChargeBack UK analyses every case before accepting it to ensure it meets minimal standards for redress.

    Concierge Services Included

    MyChargeBack UK will exercise all possible options when handling your claim. We treat your claim as if it's ours.

    Unlicensed Broker

    MyChargeBack UK has experience recovering funds from offshore and unregulated brokers who scammed you.