Newsletters - July 2020

MyChargeBack is proud to announce this month the opening of its representative office in South Africa. MyChargeBack South Africa is located in Sandton, near Johannesburg. The office is headed by Dawn Minnaar, who has been appointed Country Manager. Dawn has over a quarter-century of experience in the field of credit card dispute resolution. She is one of Africa’s leading experts in Visa and Mastercard chargeback rules and regulations, and has wide experience in fraud investigation and identification and bank back office processes.

Dawn comes to MyChargeBack from the Absa Group, where she has held a series of senior chargeback-related positions. She was also a principal member of the Chargebacks Sub-Committee that met monthly at the Payments Association of South Africa (PASA) to discuss, with all the country’s leading banks, topics pertaining to domestic and international chargebacks and disputes.

The announcement of the opening of MyChargeBack’s South Africa office was widely covered in the local press (click here to see an example). Our Director of Recovery Services, Eli Waldman, was also interviewed as a result by several nationwide news outlets to offer his expert analysis of coronavirus-related chargebacks. 

You are cordially invited to tune in to MyChargeBack’s upcoming online webinar, ‘Chargebacks in the Post COVID-19 World.’ It will be transmitted live on Tuesday, 25 August at 9:00 AM London/10:00 AM Central Europe/12:00 noon Dubai/4:00 PM Singapore/6:00 PM Sydney time and will be led by Eli Waldman, Director of Recovery Services. The maximum number of participants is limited at 100 and registration in advance is required.

The webinar will be re-broadcast for North America at 12:00 noon Eastern/9:00 Pacific time. 

MyChargeBack’s Tip of the Month

What Do Banks Call Chargebacks?

Make sure you know what term your bank uses so you can pursue yours!

The credit card companies themselves call them ‘chargebacks.’ Their relevant rules and regulations are collectively known as ‘chargeback guidelines.’ Your bank is empowered by the credit card companies to issue you their credit cards (and debit cards) but may not call them that. So, we checked the websites of selected financial institutions on five continents.