Newsletters - September 2020

Have You Seen Our New Website Yet?

This month our newly redesigned MyChargeBack website went live. We’ve revamped and expanded it with a host of additional resources. Those include an updated company profile, a new corporate video, detailed explanations of our range of services, a list of the major banks we have worked with around the world, and even a dedicated page where visitors can download What’s New at MyChargeBack! If you haven’t done so already, take a tour of our new website today

MyChargeBack in the News

We keep making news in South Africa!

Michael B. Cohen, MyChargeBack’s Vice President of Global Operations, was quoted extensively in an article that appeared on a major South African news site that explored the growing allure of fraudulent forex websites in that country.

‘Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, the number of enquiries received by MyChargeBack from investment scam victims in SA has risen by 20% to 25% on a monthly basis. It now averages 1,000 per month. The peak was in April when we received over 1,300 enquiries. To put this into context, we averaged 500 enquiries per month in the 12 months before COVID. We believe that this increase is due to the fact that the pandemic has forced large numbers of people to remain at home, reduced or eliminated their incomes and, thus, encouraged them to seek what seemed like simple and quick ways to make money,’ explains Cohen.

MyChargeBack’s Tip of the Month

British Airways Cancellation Policy

Britain’s Civil Aviation Authority advises travelers to open a complaint with the airline if they feel misled. If, however, they are not satisfied with the feedback, they can seek compensation through approved alternative dispute resolution services.