Newsletter - March 2021

What's New at MyChargeBack?

MyChargeBack in the News

According to MyChargeBack’s Vice President for International Operations, Michael B. Cohen, who was interviewed by NerdWallet this month on the challenges our customers are feeling when trying to work with banks to resolve complex online disputes in the COVID era, ‘manpower to tackle the onslaught of a higher volume of disputes has not increased.’ The article in which he was quoted, entitled  ‘It’s Not Too Late to Reclaim Money Lost to COVID Disruptions,’ then went viral and was picked up by Yahoo Finance and a number of other news sources. Nasdaq also published it on its website as well.

Why MyChargeBack?

If you have a complex service-related dispute, the odds of resolving it on your own are not in your favour. By offering you effective strategies to recover your funds, MyChargeBack reverses those odds so that they are in your favour. Regardless of the payment method used, MyChargeBack has the experience and expertise to assist you in recovering your money when you are faced with any type of complex dispute.

MyChargeBack Online

American Express and Discover use their own guidelines when decisioning cardholder disputes. MyChargeBack dives into the differences between a Visa and Mastercard dispute and those filed with AmEx or Discover. You can read more by clicking on the links below:

MyChargeBack’s Tip of the Month

At MyChargeBack, we stand out from the pack by being the experts on the consumer’s side in complex dispute resolution. But that raises the question: just what exactly is a complex payment dispute anyway? The easiest way to start might be to give an idea of what the opposite might be.